An Abandoned Highway: Cline Avenue, East Chicago, IN { 15 images } Created 23 Aug 2010

Built in the early Eighties to connect the giant steel mills in East Chicago, IN with the Indiana Toll Road, the Cline Avenue Freeway curves through the heavy industry and rises high over the Indiana Harbor Canal. The road has a grim history. In 1982, during its construction, a large section of cribbing collapsed during a concrete pour, killing fourteen people and injuring 18 others. As a result of this accident, the road was named the Highway Construction Workers Memorial Highway. In December of 2009, it was discovered that the elevated portion of the road, nearly 3.5 miles, was severely weakened by corrosion and it was closed to traffic. Since then, this section of highway has sat dormant, forcing traffic onto surrounding surface streets. The final outcome for the road has yet to be determined, but it is widely believed that it will be torn down and never rebuilt, as traffic using the highway had declined to a measly 30,000 cars per day.
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